What do we do?

Discipling the next generation of flourishing African leaders

OakTree develops and disciples school communities where Learners, Teachers, and Parents can flourish through providing strategic financial investment and value adding services. OakTree develops models for sustainability and provides Christian and leadership education from a Biblical worldview and a relational culture.



OakTree Education wants to be like a prosperous tree, planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaves do not wither. We strive to gain a Christian worldview (our sights, vision, and aim set on Jesus) to make an impact in society by developing and disciplining school communities. So that the next generation of African leaders may also be prosperous trees, which yields its fruit in season, from generation to generation.

Sometimes we might feel that our daily efforts are ordinary and insignificant. We recognize the challenges of everyday life and empathize with that feeling of not knowing if you are truly making a difference. Maybe the mother that packed five small barley loaves and two small fish didn’t feel like she was doing something significant. We believe that by pursuing Jesus, whatever we may do, would be turned into something of value. Similar to when Jesus fed the 5000. That is why we pray that the school journey (every single day) of each child would land in the Hands of Jesus to give meaning, purpose, multiplication, fruitfulness, and miracles to it!

Like Zacchaeus climbed up in a tree to get a better view of Jesus. We aim to be that tree, or structure, that facilitates others to gain a clear perspective of Jesus. That is why we develop and disciple school communities where Learners, Teachers, and Parents can flourish through providing strategic financial investment and value-adding services.

OakTree Education realizes that change will only come to future generations if the current generation is mentored and discipled into solid values and relationships from a pure and healthy heart. In our OakTree Schools dream, we envision that a child from a more deprived area, receiving a quality education, could be empowered for his/ her first job interview in mind. The question should be asked consistently: How are we empowering a learner for the future world of work?

Oaktree Education involvement with schools

Oaktree Nonprofit Schools Model

An established Christian school sign a memorandum of understanding to partner with OakTree, where OakTree provides its expertise in strategic and financial management, leadership, and culture development.

Oaktree School Collaboration Model

The opportunity exists to collaborate with different public schools and government in participating in the formal well-being of the school.
This collaboration is with the School Board and the Principal of the school, and aims to enable sustainability (and ultimately flourishing of the community) in the school.

OakTree Schools of Excellence (for profit)

OakTree is an invested party as shareholder of the school. The school is therefore managed and controlled by Oaktree with a profit motive. Private capital is invested in these schools, with OakTree education receiving the mandate to manage the school.

Oaktree value adding services are available to any school and entity to contract from OakTree

Teacher Development Academy
Leadership Development for principals, parents and learners
Non-Curricular programmes (music school, sports clinics, etc.)
Curriculum development and alignment

Leadership Education and Development

The aim of OakTree is to move individuals and groups from a place of acknowledging spiritual values and leadership behaviours in their own lives, and the setting they serve in. Leadership Development Programmes start by acknowledging the need for authenticity, therefor the influence of both personal values and those of servant leaders, are considered in facilitating a process of transformation and equipment.

Various tools are used to measure skills, traits and strengths, while personal calling and discovery of gifts are also considered. From interventions to create authentic leadership, to leading teams and whole schools, the coaching approach and facilitating workshops consider personal fit within teams and the school culture, to unlock the potential of individuals.



John Jones

Chairman | Director

Este Jones

Financial Manager

Madel Roos

Co-ordinator School Learning

Itumeleng Maluleka

Impact Investment Intern

Riaan Venter

Social Media and Project Manager

Bertie Lourens


June Matlala


Maureen King

Principal of Funanani Christian School

Rykie Joubert



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